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· By Joanna Szabo. SLIDING SIDE DOOR The sliding door may be opened from the inside or the outside. · Dodge caravan sliding door stuck open? Looking in the door, there isn&39;t much room to work with. When I use the front door latches to unlock or lock the When I use the front door latches to unlock or lock the vehicle the sliding doors don&39;t follow suit.

Kids now open door after stop & yell hey grandpaw you fixed your door! Stop sharing seats with suitcases and camping gear. While driving 25 mph, the passenger side sliding door opened without warning. Hey Guys How is everyone. The contact stated that the driver&39;s side sliding door failed to open or close electronically or manually. The Dodge Grand Caravan has 1 problems reported for sliding doors get stuck. Close all of the doors of the Caravan and insert the key into the ignition.

When temperatures drop, my sliding doors won&39;t open. My sliding door would not open/unlock on our van and I was afraid of the cost of this fix! Same safety that&39;s on Dodge Caravan van sliding doors. Release both buttons. Disable door lock. com, a dealership charged her more than ,100 to replace the locking actuator on her Dodge Grand Caravan. Standard sunscreen glass keeps all passengers comfortable while helping to block out some of the sun’s rays.

· Once the door lock panel is removed, use a flashlight to look for the actuator rod that goes to the actuator from the lock mechanism. The driver&39;s side sliding door won&39;t open. The manufacturer was contacted and provided case number:. A number of complaints posted in online forums indicate that the door locks on Dodge Caravan minivans have a serious problem, causing them to remain locked or unlocked and unresponsive to either electronic switch inside the vehicle or the key fob. How much does it cost to fix the door lock actuator? Dodge Grand Caravan sliding door won’t unlock 1 Answer. My driver side sliding door will not open or unlock. Explore the many exterior features of the Dodge Grand Caravan.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Door Lock Actuator? It won&39;t even let me manually open it. The lock cannot be pulled up manually (it&39;s stuck) nor will it unlock with the power lock switches on the front doors. Hold a piece of paper (1) in front of the rubber bumper (2). ROLLERS ARE GOOD.

NOTE: There is an intended design clearance of approximately 1. Re: dodge caravan sxt passenger door sliding door. completely unusable door! Discover paint colors, available power sliding doors & more on this minivan today.

Looks like I&39;ll need to pull the inside door panel off the sliding door to investigate. drove approximately 3 miles and was unable to open either manual sliding doors to get items out. Passengers could be trapped inside in an accident.

If I push the button overhead to open the door, you can hear that it is actually doing what it is supposed to do. This is a safety issue. 8 mm between the rubber bumper and the sliding door inner panel. When the lock button is pushed the knob for that door does not move up or down. ; Open the rear sliding door and remove the rubber bumper (Fig. · Test drive the vehicle over bumps to verify that the rattle noise is coming from the rear sliding door. Side sliding door stuck "locked".

Here is a list of things we have tried. i was at a store and put items in back of dodge grand caravan se by opening sliding door. Can a driver side sliding door be replaced? To me, the sliding doors (that often contain kids and their wondering arms / fingers) should "lock open" while parked on a hill.

If you pull on it manually, it will close. Janu. Dodge Caravan driver side sliding door will not open under power or manually from the inside or outside. My Grand Caravan drivers side sliding door will not unlock. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. Pulled the panel off and cannot even manually unlock the door.

Another Dodge Grand Caravan mash-up of style and substance—sleek heated power exterior mirrors that look stylish and stay ice and frost free. It won&39;t unlock. Move the key to the "ON" position, and then back to the "OFF" position. Grand Caravan OWNER’S MANUALGrand Caravan. Tried with the fob, door lock switch and manually unlock it but it won&39;t budge.

The contact pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road and attempted to close the door automatically by depressing the sliding door button; however, it failed to close the door. I can not get it unlocked to open door. Make sure fingers and hands are clear of the door opening then shut the door while holding the paper in position (Fig. Open, close, lock, unlock.

Reach in and up and grab the rod with one hand and giggle back and forth, while also working the stuck lock button back and forth. And replace the electric door locking switch. An expert that has 1 follower. Is it possible the electric motor has failed in a way that would cause it to "jam up"? Repeat this step four times.

The driver&39;s side sliding door won&39;t unlock. the right sliding door sill under the sill moulding and. It&39;s a manual door, with power locks. There were no warning indicators illuminated. . Some vehicle manufacturers have had recalls for power sliding doors that open unexpectedly. It sounds like you mean it won&39;t move electrically.

In fact, trying the fob or buttons doesn&39;t even produce a "click" sound; like it&39;s not even trying, or there is a broken circuit. Common sliding door issues: Electrical short on plastic track Sliding door intermittently malfunctions Other common symptoms: Sliding door is not working properly Automatic sliding door problems Door stuck closed, won&39;t open manually Door stuck open, won&39;t close Power door lock problems Dome light problems Door chime sound function Door warning. Neither the key fob, nor the interior buttons, nor the manual controls will unlock or open it. I work at a smaller dealership and we work on severaldodge grand caravans and Chrysler Town&Country vans and the issue I have a majority of the time is that the sliding doors will reverse as the door gets a few inches from full closed.

· Dodge Grand Caravan sliding door won&39;t unlock manually. The contact had to close the door manually. The contact owns a Dodge Grand Caravan. · I have a Dodge Grand Caravan with a little over 67000 miles on it, I bought it a year ago, it was a rental but in excellent condition, a few days ago as my kids tried to get in the passenger sliding door is stuck in the lock position and won’t open. You have to lock and unlock them manually. The driver side sliding door is stuck in the closed and locked position. Grand Caravan OWNER’S MANUAL.

Power Open/Close Power Liftgate — If. -Passenger sliding door is stuck in lock position and won&39;t open-2 years ago I replaced the lock actuator-I pulled the inside trim off, and with some force, was able to unlock the door. Open-ing the front door will cancel this feature. It is about 1/8: diameter. U will have to take the inside door cover off and manualy open it. Grand Caravan Sport. They start to open then close back.

They said whole locking mechanism needs to be replaced. later in. Average failure mileage is 65,000 miles.

Get the new lock and latch assembly from dealer, Posted on. I have removed the "ashtray" at the top of the door and the panel around the door bumper. 1997 Dodge Caravan - manual doors - must pull open handle repeatedly to open - happens on both sliding doors and rear hatch. Page 30: Sliding Door Open Flash 30 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE STARTING YOUR VEHICLE To keep your door operating properly, observe the fol- NOTE: The driver’s side sliding door cannot be opened lowing guidelines: while the fuel door is open. -Then 2 days later, it did it again. I did not know printed manual in glove box (new) barely resembles Mopar wbsite manual till SciTchr pointed out.

Also the small round panel at the bottom of the door that covers a. Following points for anyone else encountering this problem: 1. MAKING SURE THE SLIDER IS ADJUSTED CORRECTLY. · both sliding doors were working dodge caravan sliding door won t open manually fine, then on the driver&39;s sliding door just froze--can&39;t open it electronically or manually. But thanks to other Youtube videos I was able. We always use the automatic power closure. Everyone with a Dodge has this problem, sooner or later! this is a safety issue!

there should be a recall! Press the driver&39;s side door lock to the "LOCK" position within 10 seconds of turning the ignition to the "OFF" position. .

No cause or mistreatment of the door. -Power door works fine now. It had been working good all day. When Lilly first suggested child switch I looked at wrong end of sliding door. This problem appears to have been affecting vehicles manufactured since the model year and has continued through, according to posts published on CarGurus. It’s a manually opening door, not electronic. I got home to take my kids out of their car seat but the door wouldn&39;t open. The local dealer was not contacted.

Only have 13000 miles on this car and bought because it didn’t have all the electron. 1) from the rear end of the upper door track, then close the door. It doesn&39;t work with the key fob, doesn&39;t work dodge caravan sliding door won t open manually manually, doesn&39;t work with the overhead console. I paid a mechanic to figure out what was wrong with it. (A) tried using lock rod to unlock and (b) removed lock rod and still cannot get it unlocked. I have a Grand Caravan with 5.

But, the manual lock on the actual door is stuck in mid travel and will. What to look for in a Dodge Grand Caravan? Pause the test drive stopping the vehicle at a safe location such as a parking lot. Press the RIGHT button twice within five seconds to The Flash Lights with Remote Key Lock feature can be open/close the right power sliding door.

· In some cases, a power sliding door can still be operated manually if the motor fails, but in others, the door might be stuck in place. Dodge Grand Caravan Crew My door has been stuck closed for a month at least. · I have a Dodge Grand Caravan. Subscribe here ( sub_confirmation=1 ).

The driver side rear sliding door is stuck shut in the lock position. While the LOCK button is pressed, (after 5 seconds) To Open/Close Right Power Sliding Door — If Equipped press the UNLOCK button. Doors refuse to open, yet indicator always claims a door is open and auto locks continually click - tried replacing a fuse - really getting annoying that we can&39;t access the van without a LOT of trying to make it open. the lock dodge caravan sliding door won t open manually is stuck in the locked position and the power door lock switch won&39;t move that door&39;s lock to the &39;unlock&39; position. dodge caravan sliding door won t open manually On my Montana van with manual sliding doors, its sliding doors will NOT lock open either.

THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE STARTING YOUR VEHICLE 27 2. This includes automatically with the buttons in the van and on the remote or manually. Very common problem.

Dodge caravan sliding door won t open manually

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